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Review of Easy Inbox Mailer

Do you want to send thousands or millions of bulk emails? You’ve come to the right place. I have the experience in using more than 25 different bulk email software programs over the years, and can recommend the most useful, effective and efficient program.

First of all, there are more bulk email software programs than you can count. And all of them don’t work the same, but have some things in common.

The primary problem many e-mail marketers have with these software programs is that, most or the entire messages sent goes to the spam or bulk folder of the recipient inbox. This is disheartening and discouraging because many people don’t check their spam r bulk folder. This in effect reduces the effectiveness and impact of the e-marketing campaign.  You can learn more about the 7 keys to email marketing success by using the link on the left menu on this website.

It may interest you to know that the only way to get into the recipients inbox directly is to send the email campaign one by one using any of the free email providers worldwide which is linked on the menu to the left of this website.

One particular bulk email software program that caught my eyes was the EASY INBOX MAILER. This is its description on the cnet.download.com website:

Easy Inbox Mailer is a bulk email sender which sends unlimited email using Gmail and Hotmail smtp from your desktop. You can add multiple email accounts on this software and specify certain number of emails to send in each account and the software will do the rotation or switching automatically. Example, If you add 50 gmail or hotmail accounts and select 200 emails to be sent per each account then you will be able to send 10,000 emails. Easy Inbox Mailer can send at a speed of 1500 emails/hour that means 36,000 emails/day.( 24 hours). It has email address importing and exporting option from csv and text file for both source and destination email address. You can get a read receipt to know whether your emails were read or not. You can use different reply to address for receiving reply email. You can easily choose starting option form the list. Say you want to start sending email from 225 to 5000 then you can easily do that. Most important thing your emails will be delivered to inbox instead of junk folder. Easy inbox Mailer has duplicate email removal option, supports html and email attachment. Use different reply to address. Import and export email list from CSV or text file. Add multiple email accounts. Upload Email List. Create message and click send and relax, it will do the rest and will do your work.

In today’s internet marketing strategies, this software would be very valuable. Relying on the search engines will not be enough. Getting into your target audience’s inbox is a sure way of getting attention. Emailing personalized content is legal when you gather mailing list users.

Read the articles on this site to learn more about the “blackhat” skills of email extraction using the search engines and free email providers for sending large amounts of email to your list.

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