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How to Send Bulk Emails using Gmail

Here is a trick to send 14000 emails per month using 1 Gmail account or send 140000 emails per month using 10 gmail accounts, without getting your account temporarily disabled for 24 hours. Woow!!

What is Gmail’s daily limit on sending email? Will Google disable my Gmail account if I send bulk email messages to a group of people using Gmail?

If you are a small business which needs to reach a few hundreds to thousands of customers by email, you know how expenses it is to buy SMTP servers just to deliver your emails. Considering there are free email providers like Yahoo and Gmail which allow you to use their SMTP servers for free to send your emails.

Email providers like Yahoo and Gmail have email sending limit per day. Yahoo allows you to send 40 emails per day and Gmail allows you to send 500 emails per day using their web interface.

So with one gmail account you can send 500 emails per day, 3500 emails per week, 14000 emails per month. Create two gmail accounts and you can double that to 28000 emails per month. Make it ten gmail accounts and you send 140000 emails per month.

You have to stay within the 500 emails per day limit or else your gmail account may be temporarily disabled without any warnings and may wait for up to 24 hours to regain access to your gmail inbox.

If you are technological savvy and want to use automated software to schedule and send these emails, I’ve got to tell you, there’s a downside to it. Using desktop email sending software like GroupMail or Thunder Mailer will only allow you 100 emails per day per account.

It’s just like driving an automated vehicle verses a manual shift key/gear vehicle. The manual gets you there with less fuel, while the automatic vehicle will get you there with a little more hole in your pocket.

The other hurdle some small business without opt-in email list might worry about is where to get that much email addresses per month for bulk email marketing.  We will shed some light on some of the methods of getting valid and current email addresses from the internet using Google Search (considering that most email addresses online has been archived for over ten year plus)