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Top 3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Works

email_marketing_still_worksWhen most of us first got online via a dial-up access in the late 1990s, the first thing we did was to create and an email address. Every few hours we got online expecting to be greeted with that wonderful phrase, “You’ve got a new mail!”

After about two decades of heaps of unsolicited spam, do we still feel excited to check our inbox? Do small business owners and online entrepreneurs, still consider email as a worthwhile activity to reach customers?

Within the last couple of years there some very interesting innovations occurring in the email marketing space including geo-aware dynamic content and social social content integration. Email marketing now requires smart planning and strategies to be of any value to the small business owner.  Here are the top three reasons why email marketing still works.

1. Email marketing is effective

Email marketing is an effective way to inform customers and reach other people by web or mobile/smartphones. When targeted to the right audience, email marketing becomes highly effective. Responses are almost immediate, and it is measurable.

2. Email marketing is inexpensive

I think email marketing is the cheapest form of marketing in the world. You can reach millions of customers across the globe for pennies or virtually free without investing a lot in new technology or software. It is also cheaper than SMS. For a small business entrepreneur on a budget, this becomes a better choice than traditional marketing channels like Radio, TV, Direct mail, Newspapers or even word of mouth. Email marketing will not dig deep into your pocket, but will reward you many times over with repeat business.

3. Email marketing is easy

It is relatively easy for business owners to get started with email marketing, although time may not be on their side to handle it on their own, they can seek the assistance of web marketing professionals. Technical know-how is not a barrier to starting an email marketing campaign for your business. Almost everyone with an email address can send and check emails on their desktop or mobile/smartphones.

Customers are not throwing away their laptops because they now have tablets and smartphones. Email has always been and will remain a critical channel for marketing and customer communication. Of course! Email marketing still works. And it works better than before, because there are more people online and all of them have email addresses and various devices to access the email.