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The first time I got online in the year 2000, the first thing I wanted was an email address and the second was penpal friend. I didn’t even know that online chat rooms existed. It was later, after reading the whole ebook about the internet at that I realized the potential of this thing called the internet. I have never seen this ebook again at this site most of the old content on the site had been pulled out and replaced with more current sought after content.

The first email address I had which I still remember the id was ********** (name withheld), and it was on a domain. In this article, I will list the best free email address providers that I have used with the exception of which I have never used. My experience with many of them is very good.
I hope to see venture capitals and e-entrepreneurs coming together to create a new email service for Africans or Asians. It would really be the beginning of something big. – Free email address provider and my first email host. They have grown much bigger than I thought and have made their owners million (hold my mouth), excuse me….BILLIONS of dollars over the years. – Free email address provider that was bought by Microsoft for….again….Millions. In the past it was a slow loading site, but has long been optimized to load pretty fast. There is really wealth to be created in being a free email address provider. How they manage their lives with all those millions is a mystery to us who earn thousands of USD’s. – Was a free email provider that was simple and a superb. They don’t offer free email service anymore. But I will never forget the experience and results I had with them when……….(can you keep a secret) – German based free email provider. All texts are in German and email address can be used to send lots of emails without any problems, but you must verify you email by phone (only German phone numbers are allowed I guess). If you’re able to get one registered, let me know how you did it. – One of the best free email address providers that was late to the party but caught on faster than fire. I know they offer the biggest inbox size in the world, because the can afford it. Owned and operated by the google group. – India most popular email service for the whole world. It is one of the few email services that will allow you to send 100 emails separated by commas and put in the BCC or CC fields. People who send thousands of emails love this service and they abuse it to the maximum. Don’t be counted among them.  – One coveted email service that I wanted so bad and could not register. All texts in germane managed to convert to English to know what to fill in the fields. But all was a waste of effort. I may give it a try again someday.

Others are: just copy and paste the link without the “@” symbol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Don’t want these free webmail providers? Maybe you want to send millions of bulk emails from your desktop, then there’s more links on the left menu of this website that can help you achieve that.

NOTE: I will be adding to this list of free email providers as I discover and experience their service. Do not use these free email hosts to send unsolicited emails. The ball will always be in your court if you do so. Don’t blame me.

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