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This is my story about how to get free email list to download from the internet.

Let’s get to business right away. There was a time when I was seriously in need of an email list to broadcast or bomb (my word for sending mass email) valuable information that I have discovered to anyone I can find online. You could call it spam but this was a long time ago, and I was a newbie in e-mail marketing to know what a spam is. Another thing is that there is no law in my country governing e-mail spam and there still isn’t as I write this now. But I have outgrown unsolicited mass e-mail sending. I now know better.

My search led me to Google search engine where a lot of wonderful things happened. Many of the sites that I visited that promised email leads lists, wanted payment for it. And they had very attractive leads list categories and titles that I wanted more than anything else. Email leads lists by country, industry and career titles. Some leads list titles like “NEW 10,000 Real Estate Agents Lists”, “Latest 5,000,000 UK Business List Database”, “USA Ceo’s 74,000 Email Lists”, ”World Manufacturers Email Lists 15 Million Records”, etc  and prices range from $100.00 to $1,000. That was way beyond my league then at that time. So I decided to stick with the Google search engine.

I manually managed to get a few email addresses from Google because I did not understand the inner workings of the search engine. I spent several days, weeks and months scourging the internet looking for email addresses. In the process I learnt so many things that I share in my other articles on this website (see menu on the left for more info).

To cut a long story short, after many years I discovered a website started by an Indian probably, because of the name I saw when I signed up for his feed. It was hosted on a free Google BlogSpot site and contains thousands of email addresses packed into pdf documents. But you have to know how to use bit-torrent or other torrent software to download the email lists.

If you don’t know how to use a bit-torrent software, go to and type ”how to download bittorrent file” without the quotes. And you will definitely get tons of steps on how to do it. You can also go to youtube and search for same thing and get a watch and step by step video tutorial on how to download a bittorrent file.

I don’t know how long the free email list download site will be online or how often the site will be updated. But you can quickly go there to grab your free email lists for your business. Here is the link

My disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only. And you must hold yourself responsible if you use this information wrongly.

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