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What is Email Extractor Lite 1.6

Provided as a courtesy by – Free Email Extractor Lite 1.6 – Extract email addresses from any text with this free and fast utility. Simply copy, paste and start extracting.

Email extractor is an online tool that helps email marketers worldwide to extract email addresses from excel databases, word documents, pdf files and from online search engines. It is the favourite tool for email marketers to sort their email addresses alphabetically, or group them in manageable numbers, or separate them by space, colon, comma, etc etc.This email extractor needs no introduction and is easy to use by everybody who can copy and paste. It does not store any information of the user because it works in the browser directly. It does not validate email addresses to see if they are still active. However, the user is advice to ensure the source of the emails are recent. We only provided this tool as is and are not liable for any unauthorised usage or non-usage.

To be safe while using this email extractor, check with your country's laws or consult a lawyer or attorney before using this email extractor to ensure you are on the safe side of the law. If however, you are sure that usage of this software will not harm or cause you any legal hurdles, then you are free to use it at your own risk